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  • Infa-Cap I (42-46 cm head circumference) (1)
  • Infa -Cap II (38-42 cm head circumference) (1)
  • Infa -Cap III (34-38 cm head circumference) (1)
  • Infa-Body Harness (1)
  • Infa-Head Measuring Tape (1)
  • Skin Prep Pads (pkg/20)


Infa-Cap I has the standard international 10-20 electrode placements.  Infa-Caps II and III have double interelectrode distances (electrodes are placed at F1, F2, C3, C4, O1, O2, T3, T4, CZ, and Ground).


*Infa-Cap System requires standard E2 Electrode Board Adapter, E4 Quick Insert Electrodes, E5 Ear Electrodes, E6 Disposable Sponge Disks, E7 Needle/Syringe Kits, E9 Electro-Gel in addition to items listed in Infa-Cap System.

INFA Infant Electro-Cap System

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